Plan Your Destination with Gogobot


I love traveling, I love to share where I’ve traveled with family and friends, I love to see where the best spots to hit are while I’m traveling, and I love to write about traveling. Did I mention I love traveling? If you’re anything like me, you have to check out the destination explore-and-share service [...]

WedShare for Facebook (beta) Available Now

WedShare for Facebook Guest Manager integrates your guests and Facebook friends has just released the beta version of WedShare for Facebook, a new Facebook application that will allow you to associate your guests with your Facebook friends, share your events on Facebook, and more! WedShare for Facebook is actually a new wedding planning client with its own applications, or “apps”, that integrate with your WedShare [...]

Treats For Geeks: Bridal Facebook Cookies


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. We’re starting the week out a little late, but here’s a sweet wedding-related treat sure to tickle your social networking fancy. I came across it at the Dog ‘N Bird Artful Wedding blog, and thought it was a fun one to share. Confectioner I Am Baker [...]

How Creative Is Your Personal Wedding Website?


Have you put together something totally unique? Does your personal wedding website stand out over others out there? Your creativity could win you some free stuff… allows you to build a wedding website and truly make it your own. While the extensive library of designs and imagery allow you to be up and running [...]

Become a WedShare Facebook Fan!


Well, the December air has taken on a bite even here in California, black Friday has come and gone, department stores are stuffed with snowmen and reindeer, neighbors are hanging lights, and Santa’s already at the mall for his annual photo op with the kids. The Holiday season is officially here. It’s amazing how fast [...]

Apparel Designer Bill Levkoff, Inc’s Hi-Tech Approach


Happy Monday, everyone. Well, it’s back to the grind, but at least we have a short week ahead of us. Some tech news came up today I wanted to share that can hopefully assist those looking into bridesmaid dress styles/colors. I think this can be a really helpful tool to visualize and play with various [...]