The Countdown Is On…

6 months; 184 days; 4,416 hours; 264,960 minutes. Okay, enough of that. You get the point: our wedding is getting closer and closer. The 6 month mark for Daryl and I was just a week ago, on the 13th.  The 6 month mark may be the point where some brides might officially begin freaking out. Not me. Now, don’t get me wrong…I have been known to get emotionally stressed, but looking forward I feel pretty confident. Check back in a few months and see if I still feel the same way. Personally, my moments of worry usually come right before, during, or after an appointment with our planner or one of our vendors. Daryl and I are just so busy, we go weeks without doing anything and then cram before and right after a wedding related meeting. But, freak out or not, by this point there are a certain amount of things a bride and groom should have complete by this point. Perhaps not all of the details, but the major stuff anyway, which require down payments, reservations etc. Here’s a quick run down of a list. Feel free to check the list and measure my progress against your own:


ceremony location / reception hall
wedding date invitationchecklist

VENDORS (not necessary for everyone, depends on preference and your event)


  1. portrait decisions, locations etc.
  2. payment


  1. payment

dj / band

  1. list of music
  2. payment

florist (in house for our venue)

  1. bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony decor
  2. payment

cake artist / baker (in house & included for our venue)

  1. payment

caterer & bar tender (in house & included in our case)

  1. menu decisions (buffet style, sit down dinner, dessert bar, specialty desert table,
  2. bar options (open bar, partially open, limited, closed etc.)

wedding officiant, minister, pastor, lay person etc.

  1. ceremony details
  2. payment

OTHER / MISCELLANEOUS (not all are necessary)

wedding theme

wedding dress

  1. fitting(s)
  2. payment

formal wear, tuxedos for men

  1. fitting
  2. payment

bridesmaids dresses

  1. fittings
  2. payment

wedding registry


invite list



schedule of events

table decor

place cards

seating arrangements (if necessary)

wedding favors


Daryl and I have an appointment tomorrow evening with our wedding planner. Hopefully when we get home, we will have another thing or two crossed off from the list!

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