Tungsten Wedding Rings For Her

Tungsten is a metal that has been growing in popularity as a wedding band material…that is, as a groom’s wedding band material. Check any jeweler offering tungsten rings or do any online search for them and you’ll come up with a lot of great looking rings for him, but the selection is a bit scarce for her. In fact, you’ll likely find no tungsten rings offered for women at all.

Tungsten carbide is beautiful, light, and virtually indestructible. It’s so rugged and durable, in fact, that it makes a natural choice as a material for men’s jewelry. But if a bride shopping for rings with her fiancé falls in love with the material and decides she’d like the same for her own ring, she’ll be disappointed to find that most vendors carry only styles and widths (6 to 8 mm) that aren’t ideal for a woman’s hand.

There are some choices for her out there, however…if you know where to look. Case and point: Larson Jewlers (larsonjewelers.com), which just announced a long-awaited line of women’s tungsten wedding rings, at a far more delicate 4mm width and in a number of styles. Now hers can match his! While I still personally favor platinum as the unbeatable wedding ring metal, the sheer indestructibility and beauty of tungsten carbide is a perfect symbol of your relationship’s strength. In fact, this indestructibility is often brought up as one of its drawbacks, since tungsten rings simply can’t be resized conventionally. But as unique and symbolic as this metal is, don’t miss it as a consideration in your shopping.

Women's tungsten rings from Larson Jewelers. From left to right: domed, diamond faceted, brush finish center, and beveled black tungsten

Some designs for women's tungsten wedding rings from Larson Jewelers. All are 4mm in width. From left to right: domed, diamond faceted, brush finish center, and beveled black tungsten

Have a very safe and fantastic new years, everyone! See you all in 2010.

Photo Credits: Ring imagery from Larson Jewelers

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  1. avatar Trendy Gal says:

    Such a hot trend for us right now!! Love it! I got one from Tungsten World about 4 months ago…I like to think I’m a lil ahead of the game!! Jk. ;)

  2. avatar bizzy bee says:

    These rings are so fabulous! I just got the diamond faceted one from Larson Jewelers and it’s so amazing. Thank you so much for the information.

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