Creative Monday: Burton’s Alice & Video Save-The-Dates

You again, Monday? Back so soon?

Image From Walt Disney Pictures

Image From Walt Disney Pictures

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Some of us here hit the movies for the Tim Burton flick Alice in Wonderland; Crystal posted a few fun inspiration boards last week based on the film, and I wanted to see whether the movie did Lewis Carroll justice. I suppose it’s hard living up to such a legacy…cinema has been trying to capture Carroll’s bizarre works of word and logic play for decades. This new attempt combined elements of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, then mish-mashed it with some of Burton’s own creative wackiness and digital cinematic wizardry. I thought the story was a little thin, but it was a fun 3-D ride, colorful and entertaining. My own favorite part of the movie, hands-down, was Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, without which the movie may have been somewhat lacking.

Speaking of cinematic wizardry--I guess Oscars weekend put me in the mood--here’s a bit of light-hearted and creative fun to start off the week: a video Save-The-Date by Russo Young that I found on the Brooklyn Bride. I’ve said many times before that pulling off a truly memorable wedding depends on how much you are able to infuse it--down to the smallest details--with your own unique personalities to make it stand out. Video is a medium that really lends itself to this; a video save-the-date like this is a fun and creative way to showcase your energy and personalities. Add a soundtrack that means something to both of you--in the case of this video, it’s the score to Where the Wild Things Are--and just have fun with it. Email the video to your guests, post it on your wedding website, or even distribute it on mini-DVDs. I love how this couple weaves in footage from each of their childhoods, too. What a great touch!

There’s a ton of movie-editing software out there these days, so grab a camcorder and some creativity and make a project out of it!

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