Pretty Blush Pink Wedding Gowns


Do you want the pretty-in-pink look for your upcoming wedding? Take a look at these wedding gowns in the very popular shade of blush pink. Sure to make your groom blush when he sees you! This is an incredibly feminine color for today’s bride. Blush pink gowns are very romantic and have that vintage touch to them. [...]

Find The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Wedding With The Help Of Online Tools: Part 2


This post is the second installment of a two-part series on using online tools to help decide on a color scheme for your wedding. If you haven’t already, you should first read yesterday’s post. Yesterday we learned how to generate sample palettes by uploading photos of our location, wedding item, or any other image, to [...]

Find The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Wedding With The Help Of Online Tools: Part 1


This is the first installment of a two-post series on using online tools to help discover your ideal wedding color scheme. Second installment to be posted tomorrow. A Word on the “Perfect” Wedding Color Scheme Narrowing down your wedding colors can be tricky. There’s a lot of pressure to pick the one absolutely perfect color [...]

Narrowing down colors


We’re an indecisive couple, and choosing colors or a theme for our wedding hasn’t been easy. One way that we’ve narrowed it down is visiting our wedding and reception sites with colors in mind. After visiting these sites, at least we’ve narrowed down what won’t work – colors that would clash with the decor or [...]

Colorful Wedding Shoes… A Bride’s Best Friend


This trend has to be one of my favorites! If I could only go back in time five years to my own wedding day, I would have loved to walk down the aisle in a pair of fancy, colorful, peep toe pumps instead of my plain white satin heels (seen below)… {Photo Credit: Live Out Loud [...]